Mini Coffee Roaster Capacity Max 200 ~ 250g

Roaster for Sample roasting, mini café roasting Made In Korea


Spesifikasi :

Mixing type Vortex twisting
Heating type Indirect hot air (0~30min)
Roasting time 15-17 minutes
Cooling type Ambient temp. forced ventilation (approx. 15 min)
Temp. control 60°C ~ 250°-C /140°F ~ 482°F
Power supply 220V – 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1,200 ~ 1,300 Watts
Capacity Max. 300g green bean, Noise: 65dB
Dimensions 19″x10″9″/490mm X 243mm X 229mm (large Chaff Collector included)
Weight 6.0 kg


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