Analisa Biji Bijian – Gluten in Wheat


Measuring gluten, protein, moisture content, and Zeleny index in wheat
Can be connected to a PC by LAN/Wi-Fi
Analysis of whole seeds without grinding
Touch-screen display
Not require warming up time
Measurement time very past in one minute
Accurate in temperature range 10 to 40 Deg C
Built-in thermal printer;
USB 2.0 port for save and backup data
can be connected directly to PC
Bacic Price for Basic Claibration Measuring :
Wheat : Gluten, Protein, Moisture, Zeleny-index, W (under dev.)
Optional Calibration :
Corn : Protein, Moisture, Starch
Wheat flour : Gluten, Moisture, Ash, Protein
Soy bean : Protein, Oil, Moisture
Rice : Protein, Moisture


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