Mesin Pemanen Jagung / Corn Harvester

* The patented technology of header — new tool setting stalk pulled type spike picking box
and the new header body are taken, with quick stalk pulling speed and nice spike picking;
and the special holder is taken to feed forcibly and is more suitable for harvesting the fallen
corns with high harvesting efficiency.
* The patented technology of husker–husking structure combining four groups of rubber
rollers with the cast iron rollers is taken, with high husking efficiency, excellent husking
effect and husking rate of more than 95%, and without com knocked.
* The 150-horspower engine is taken with strong power. Moreover, the power transmission
on two sides is also taken, with strong power and stable transmission.
* The closed tightly fireproof cover of engine is taken, which can prevent the sundries from
entering into the closed space of the engine effectively and eliminate the hidden danger of
engine fire completely.
* 8-inch vehicle-mounted terminal dispaly is taken to facilitate observation.

4YZ-3T Series Technical Parameters
Specifiactions and Parameters 4YZ-3T
Rows : 3
Rated Power : 110/150 kW/Hp
Rated Speed (Rpm) : 2200 r/min
Size (LxWxH) : 7200 x 2870 x 3700 mm
Structural Weight : 7000 kg
Pitch range : 700 – 800 mm
Granary Volume : 2.7 m³
Minimum Ground Clearance : 350 mm
Loss Rate : < 2%
Husking Rate : > 95%